Mobile Website Conversions

If your website isn’t mobile responsive it will cause loss of business


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  • Smart Phones

Why Your Business NEEDS a Mobile Website.

Traditional websites are built to be viewed on a computer screen and not a small mobile phone screen. So viewing a traditional website that has not been converted for a mobile phone can be incredibly frustrating. You often have to scroll all over the place and try to click on extremely small links just to find the information you’re looking for.

The world wide web is currently witnessing a huge cultural shift in the way people use and search the internet. The adoption rate of mobile devices used to access the Internet is faster than any other technology shift in history, and as the browsing habits of your target market change, so must the shape of your online presence. If your website is not mobile compatible then your business is at a huge disadvantage.

Unlike a normal computer, mobile phones are taken everywhere by people. In fact, most people keep their mobile phones within reach at all times. Not only that, but people are using them more than ever to surf the internet. If you want your business to get noticed and gain customers rather than losing mobile browsing customers, a mobile website is absolutely essential.

Many people use their smart phones to search for local businesses. As soon as they click a website address that they can’t easily navigate or use, they will quickly exit the site and move on to a competitor.

A Mobile website can drastically increase the number of customers who find your business without spending extra money on advertising. Not only does it increase the number of customers browsing your website, a mobile website also is a key point for Search Engine Optimisation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) – Will a mobile website, replace my current website ?
A) – No, your mobile website will continue to work alongside your current website. If a customer visits your website from a mobile phone this will be automatically detected and they will be re-directed to the mobile version of your website.

Q) – Will you need to alter my current website ?
A) – We will need to insert a small piece of background code into your current website. This code will detect customer visiting your site from a mobile phone and will automatically re-direct them to the mobile version. The code will not alter the look of your current site.