A service plan for your car can ensure that it’s well maintained and to stop any nasty surprises when it’s time for an MOT. Now, we’re offering a service plan for your website – helping you ensure that it keeps up with advances in technology and that you get the most from it.

After Care

Up to date

Once your website is up and running, it is vital that the content remains up to date and relevant. It is also a good idea to change the content regularly maintain interest, and ensure repeat visits by your audience.

It is inevitable that you’ll need to make changes to your web pages at some stage, soon after your site is published.

You’ll also need to keep informed about any statutory changes that may affect your site, such as accessibility guidelines and anti-discrimination laws, and also changes such as the recent introduction of the EU Cookie law.

All of the sites that ACJ Designs design include a quality guarantee, and complimentary 3 month update period. Beyond this you have a choice about how to update and look after your site.

How do i do that?

A few people may be technically minded and able to tackle this work themselves. However, for most, for best results you’ll probably want any updates or changes carried out professionally to maintain the quality of your website.

Remember, it is all too easy – and not immediately apparent – to make a simple error when attempting to update a webpage yourself that will mean that your site is no longer standards compliant, accessible, or reliable across all browsers.

If your page updates are likely to be fairly occasional, you can elect to pay for this on a per-occasion basis of which will be a fee of £40 per hour.

Alternatively, if you’d like the peace of mind of knowing that you can update your web pages as often as necessary without worrying, why not consider After Care which offers great value and peace of mind for an all-inclusive monthly or yearly fee.

Aftercare Department

The Aftercare Department will be on hand to answer any questions that you have about the service.

We have a team of experienced full time website designers and therefore perfectly placed to advise you on the best way to maintain your site. We are on hand to deal with any after care enquiry.

Aftercare is available for any business – whether you are an existing ACJ Designs customer or not!

But my website is new!

When your website went live it was like a new car, all shiny and in perfect order. As the site has been used and perhaps updated in the content management system, has the optimization been amended to suit?

Have you lifted the bonnet and updated the modules that are being used?

Much like a car, your website should be built to last for a few years, or until you replace it for a newer model, but instead of checking the spark plugs and oil, you have the back end checked and any updates applied.